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Setting Each Other Off

Jane and I were down in Oxford today, doing some more house tidying. All three IKEA wardrobes are now disassembled (doors left whole and, hopefully, securely wrapped), which was the main task for today. We still seem to have a rather large amount of stuff although hopefully that will all fit the removal vehicle we’ve organised. The highlight, for me, was retrieving our Hamamelis mollis tree, which seems to be doing quite well in the large pot we transplanted it into.

One thing of note occurred on the way back. Passing by Brackley, traffic temporarily slowed due to an accident and we were slowly approaching a car transporter when one of the cars started blaring away with its alarm. That set off another and then, after a short pause, three cars started making noise.

By this time, we had drawn level and were able to enjoy a rather Cage-esqe interlude of ‘found music’. Shortly after that, we passed the cause of the delay and speeds picked up, allowing us to leave the transporter. I do wonder though if more of the cars started alarming and just what that would have sounded like.

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