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When Life Gives You… Onions?

Still no pasta, eggs or loo roll at at the local Morrisons (mid-afternoon) but they do seem to be getting back into the stock game. Jane and I were down there yesterday to top up our supplies. We don’t want to stockpile but we did try to get a big enough shop that we don’t have to go back again too soon – for example, two containers of milk, one for now and one for the freezer.

Somehow, we ended up with a lot of onions. I think we’d both picked them up independently. Onions can keep well but, by the time they get into the stores, they are probably often already quite well into their post picking period. Even in normal times, we don’t like to waste food, so what to do?

I picked out the smaller ones (the kind you’d probably want a couple of for a recipe), peeled them and then ran them through the food processor to slice up. I then set them over a medium heat with minimal amount of oil to get them started. Once underway, I turned down the heat to low and took a break from stirring, leaving them covered for a while before letting them cool.

Now we have a clingfilm lined tray in the freezer covered with portions of cooked onion, soft and sweet but still without much colour. Soon, I’ll transfer them into a better container and, once the fresh onions are used up, we’ll still have another week or two’s worth on hand.

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