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Field Margin

Jane and I got up early for another walk today, heading out along the track out of Loughborough that used to be a railway line. It was quiet (apart from the chorus of birdsong) and we saw few other people – no problems observing social distancing. In theory we should have got all the way down to the far end of Old Ashby Road but, a little further on than we got to on our first exploration back in the winter, we found the track blocked by a fallen tree with cut branches piled up around it and some rubbish dumped on the other side.

As it wasn’t clear that this was an official block and there was a clear way to walk across the top of the obstacle, we decided to press over it and then spotted a path leading left which looked as if it linked up with a boundary wall of the Garendon estate we’d seen on an earlier stroll. Then we had to ford a brook (again with a pathway across) and it became less clear if this was a real path.

By that point though, we were quite a way on so we moved out to the field margin and worked our way around. Before long, we realised that we were further west than we had thought but we spotted the location of the Garendon obelisk and worked our way towards it along the boundary of the field before finding another path leading up into Booth woods and a less questionable path back home.

I’m not entirely sure this was all strictly a right of way but we trod softly and left no mark (and will avoid taking the turn that led us in there again).

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