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Holywell Woods - 4
Bluebells at Holywell Woods

This photo, taken early on Easter morning, in Holywell Woods, demonstrates that bluebells were already putting on a strong show earlier this month. I thought they were already waning but this morning’s stroll, after yesterdays rain, indicates that they are still looking pretty good in nearby Booth Woods.

I don’t think they will last long now though – the peak of the season seems to have shifted earlier over the last quarter century. That means that, if you know a local bluebell patch near you, it is worth getting out sooner than later to enjoy it as part of your daily exercise or you will have to wait for another year to roll around.

I took the photo with quite a wide aperture. My notes suggest f/5.6 but it was a manual lens that doesn’t record that data and I wonder if I’d spun it even further open to make the most of the limited light. It definitely has a narrow depth of field and plenty of bokeh.

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