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Green thumbs out

We hadn’t been planning on doing any gardening in our rental place but, with all the current COVID-19 restrictions and no clear idea on when it will come to an end, it isn’t impossible that we’ll still be here come July or August. While doing some tidying up of the grounds – mainly lawn – we discovered a brick edged bed so today we’ve done some digging and raised the bricks a couple of inches to accomodate the volume of soil.

After that’s sat overnight, we’ll probably get out and do some planting tomorrow. We’ve got plenty of seeds that we brought with us and, with good weather due in the coming week, we might as well get a few things in the ground. We’d be doing more if it was our own land but it makes sense to put in a little labour for the promise of being able to supplement our diet with some home grown treats from about mid-may onwards.

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