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Hatchet Job

I’ve been doing some garden work today. Half the bed we restored on Saturday is now levelled and raked but we realised that, because it is right next to a high bit of fence, it gets very little direct sunlight during the day although most of the garden is fairly bright.

I decided to build a smaller additional bed but, in these lockdown days, you can’t just nip out to a garden centre or DIY store on a whim. Instead, I had to look for what was to hand. At the back of the garden was some wood from a broken old fence. It was pretty flimsy but won’t have to last too long – just enough to keep the earth together until some roots reach out to hold it together.

How to hold it in place though? We also had some branches lying in the garden (broken limbs from one of the trees, that I arranged with the rental company to take down a couple of months ago). I used a saw to create two lengths and make some initial cuts, then got my hatchet out to split a right angle at the top off each and split the lower end of each towards a point. My hatchet isn’t super sharp, so I finished that off with a knife.

A few screws and it held together enough to install. Now to see if it is still holding together tomorrow morning!

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