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More Farinata

Farinatissima? I’ve been exploring farinata again today. Doing more web searching reveals all sorts of different recipes, so what I got from that experience was the permission to experiment.

One thing I didn’t find online was the answer to one of my questions – is the foam that forms on top of the whisked up chickpea and water mix edible. That drew a blank although I found plenty of pages about the virtues of aquafaba (the liquid that comes from cooked chickpeas, including the ones in tins). In the end I tasted a small sample (after several hours of soaking), decided it was bitter and discarded it.

I then added some dried thyme and a pinch of sugar before pouring the batter into a roasting tin where I had already heated up a generous slug or two of olive oil. That was a change from last time, when I mixed the oil with the batter and poured into a couple of silicon loaf tins.

I think the results were better this time round – I got the ‘custardy’ centre that some of the pages I found talked about. For this one, I had 200g gram flour and 450g water but I can sense further experimentation coming up.

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