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Out to a (virtual) gig right now

Most of my blogging is asynchronous. It doesn’t matter if you read it when I publish and (confession time) I’m not above stacking up a few scheduled posts when I go away for a few days or if I realise the next morning that I slipped on my intention to be a daily blogger.

This one contains at least one time critical element because – if you’re quick – you can meet me at a gig. I’m attending a virtual show that Lobelia is putting on tonight via the Twitch platform. Three songs in so far and she’s now moved the capo further down the neck so we are enjoying the deeper tones of her gorgeous baritone guitar. It is free (online tip jar available) and goes on until just before 8pm (when the baton will be passed to a friend of hers, virtually, in Manchester).

I don’t know how you’d say hello to me without everyone else in the audience ‘hearing’ but it’s worth a listen anyway if you get this in time. If you miss it, perhaps the video will stay online for a while too.

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