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I have continued to produce a worship video for my church each weekday as part of what I’m doing to serve the congregation. Many of these involve music but I’ve also been exploring other ways of encouraging worshipping hearts. Partly this is pragmatic – with my set up, producing a half-decent bit of music for the platform is quite time-consuming. Also, of course, it exercises and illustrates the fact that worship is about a lot more than just singing and so forth, even though music is a major part of my role in regular times.

Here are a couple of recent ones that I am particularly pleased with. The first (from Maundy Thursday) uses a poem written and read by one of my friends in the congregation:

A Reflection

The second, from yesterday, is a reflection on Good Friday where I use a piece of my visual art and gradually strip away the colour channels as I invite viewers to ponder on the meaning of the day:

Good Friday

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