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Shifting Plans

I’ve done a bit of shifting things around today. For example, I had a worship video lined up for tomorrow morning but then I got a contribution from a member of the worship team. I was going to use that on Friday and then I spotted that it show April’s calendar. Bish, bash, bosh and I’ve swapped the two around (new worship videos continuing to go up at 9am each weekday on the church YouTube channel).

The other shift came when I popped out for my daily walk this afternoon, with the mission of posting a letter. It suddenly struck me that I’ve been running to keep up with the production of those worship videos but there might be a better way. Rather than crafting each one by picking from a small stock of ‘seeds’ and running through the full gamut of recording, producing and publishing before moving onto the next, I could apply a bit of production line methodology.

For example, for music, I could bang out five or six rough versions in a session. Out of those, I can ditch any which are disastrous and start developing the rest. After a couple of sessions, perhaps I’d have seven or eight that I could lay down bass lines on (an easy task for me and easier still if all my bass gear is set and ready). There might be some of those I’d want to do vocal overdubs for and any number of other tweaks and additions.

Batching them up should be more efficient and also give me breathing space to evaluate which ones are worthy of release or at least more polishing while, at the same time, reducing the overall time spent. If I can know that I’ve got a stock of several items ready in the pipeline, that will reduce the pressure to keep coming up with ideas and give me a bit more time to think strategically.

Or, at least, that’s the plan for now.

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