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When you find a tool and learn how to use it, you soon start to come up with ideas of where to apply it (or, as the proverb goes, to the man with a hammer, everything looks like a nail). Having reacquainted myself with the Procreate art app yesterday, I found myself turning to it again today when I needed a picture of a lighthouse:


This is based on a photo on Wikipedia by Alvesgaspar. It was available to use under a Creative Commons licence, so I have applied a (cc) licence to my own creation.

Why a lighthouse? Tomorrow morning’s worship video, which I seem to have spent all afternoon editing, is the Rend Collective song ‘My Lighthouse‘. I wanted to to a wipe transition between sections to reveal myself playing guitar and then to go back to the lyrics and I thought a lighthouse, as a distinctive vertical element, would work well for that. I probably didn’t need to spend quite so long on it but I’ve also learnt some new things about using Hit Film Express along the way, so I might be able to turn out future pieces more quickly.

The final result goes live at 9am tomorrow morning if you are interested.

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