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By this point in the COVID-19 crisis, I’ve produced and published more videos since lockdown began than in the entire period of my life before that. All that practice means that I’m starting to refine my processes to fit my current needs and equipment.

My first couple of videos were done live using the webcam on my MacBook. However, the camera on my iPad is much better so I’ve switched to that. Yesterday, I also experimented with using my phone to give a second camera angle although I’m still debating whether the extra complications are worthwhile for the modest number of views per video.

I am generally working on the sound via Logic Pro. I’ve borrowed a mixing desk so I can more easily incorporate my vocal mic (Shure Beta 58a) although sometimes the iPad audio or what I capture on my Zoom H1 is good enough.

Video editing has been done using iMovie. It makes it easy to produce watchable footage but I’m beginning to discover things I’d like to do but can’t achieve with it. I’ve now downloaded Hit Film Express, which appears more powerful although also has a learning curve I’ll need to work up before I can reach, let alone exceed my iMovie skills.

The biggest challenge of all is getting a decent performance while trying to record audio and video in a way that can all be synced up after. My current pondering is whether it is worth pushing further on refining my process or to do more videos where I show lyrics over a home recording – easier to produce but, perhaps, less engaging?

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