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Having downloaded and started playing around with Hit Film Express (see my videography post on Tuesday), YouTube has been feeding me a diet of videos about how to do much more with iMovie. Is this the observer effect, where things you are thinking about catch your eye more readily, or the observed effect, where Google and other online companies spy on your every published word or even thought and deliver content designed to soften you up to their advertisers?

That is probably a musing for another blog post. However, it did prompt me to think a bit more about my film making process. One of my challenges has been that it is quite hard to capture decent audio and video of a song performance, particularly without a dedicated studio space. There are so many variables not just in performing the music but capturing a balanced sound with good levels, framing the video and so forth.

For the video below, tomorrow morning’s Nine o’Clock Worship slot, I spent a few minutes drawing out a quick story board. I’ve done a brief intro and outro and a montage of me performing the various rolls involved in recording the audio but I use full screen lyrics for most of the song, interspersed with a few ‘picture in picture’ additions of further ‘b roll’ performance during the musical interludes. All of that could be cobbled together fairly quickly with the tools in iMovie.

Great Are You Lord

I think I can improve on this but I wonder if I’ve found a pattern where I can make the filming simpler so I can start to spend more time on the quality of the music?

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