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Loughborough Terrace

This digital painting was done on Wednesday, sitting in my back garden and looking at the houses opposite:

Loughborough Terraces
Loughborough Terrace

I used Procreate on my iPad again but this time I didn’t start by drawing over a photo. Instead. I laid down a background blue to represent the sky and then a layer with medium and dark orange as if they were layers of cut-out paper. The white followed next, then the greens in the windows and the clouds in the sky before I moved to further details and working over and under with various textures and techniques.

If I was working with physical media, like watercolours or acrylics, it would have come out different but I think the ‘handwriting’ (by which I mean the whole piece, not just the signature in the bottom corner) would have been identifiably the same.

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