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If you want a word of the day, how about pareidolia? It means the phenomenon of spotting something apparently recognisable in what is random. The face of Jesus on your toast? Probably pareidolia, not least because you don’t actually know what Jesus looked like and you are seeing a culturally conditioned image of what you think he ought to look like.

Here is another face-based one from the top of Beacon Hill, just outside of Loughborough:

The Old Man of the Beacon
The Old Man of the Beacon

It is remarkably face like and I spotted it before I saw the information board where I found that this formation is actually named ‘The Old Man of the Beacon’. It was nice and quiet at the top of the hill at 7am this morning although the presence of a herd of long horned cattle grazing not far from where I took this picture caused us to tread carefully while we were up there on our daily walk.

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