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Slow Changes

I’m still producing (week) daily worship videos for church and figuring out tricks for both the music and the pictures. For example, here is one that I put together for the service last Sunday and then released as a standalone video on Monday:

Kyrie Eleison

Filming myself playing the music is an extra layer of complexity and, if I go in and fix mistakes or make other adjustments to the line, the video will still be out of sync with the audio. Often I’m now using still images for the background.

In this one, I tried to add a bit more interest by adding a gradual transition from this version (created with the ‘day to night’ filter) to the original sunrise. I simply added a couple of keyframes – full opacity at the start and zero opacity ( / full transparency) at the end. Underneath was the original picture and so, as you listen to the song, the darkness is gradually transformed into the hope of a new day – or the underlying promise of the song (1 Jn 1:7-9) made visible.

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