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Beacon Hill
Beacon Hill

On Sunday I posted a number of photos I took on an early morning walk up Beacon hill but there were also some I rejected. This digital painting is based on one of them. It was dull as a photo but, working on it, I think I’ve captured a dark and stormy mood. Yes, fictitious (it was actually very calm and getting lighter) but I’m pleased with the result.

Like my two other recent digitally painted landscapes, I started from the photo reference but I took a different approach. On those, I carved out large areas and then added details. Here, after creating a palette based on colours from the reference image, I took a dark, fine “pen” and loosely drew in the rock escarpment, the trees and some indications of foreground clumps of grass. I then made the photo invisible and started to paint in the rocks, leaves, grass and sky using various tools and split over several layers.

I think the result has a pleasing energy and the look of something that could have been created with traditional media (albeit with a lot more mess in the working area). If you touched it, you might almost expect your hand to pick up a dusting of ‘chalk’. I think my favourite part is the white line running above the rocks, adding depth by heightening contrast. Possibly my best digital painting to date and certainly one that captures my artistic ‘handwriting’.

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