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Up hill and down hill

Having spotted an information board on Beacon Hill yesterday that described it as Leicestershire’s second highest point led me to searching for the answer to the inevitable follow up question. It turns out that Bardon Hill is the highest and it was within easy reach as the location for this morning’s exercise walk.

Unlike the walk up Beacon hill, it wasn’t entirely obvious that we were ascending all the time. Eventually though we reached a climb and what I thought was the highest point, although I a video I’ve subsequently watched suggests we missed the marker for that spot. Again, it wasn’t so obvious as Bardon Hill is quite wooded compared to the bare ground and rock at the top of Beacon Hill. Where we did stand, the view was dominated by the scar of a huge quarry dug into the west side. We will probably try again on a clear day.

Coming down, we discovered what looked like a path leading down through the woods but which turned out to be a criss-crossing network of mountain bike trails, including ramps for jumps. Even if I had a proper off-road bike, I’m not sure the thrill of the potential speed would persuade me to pit my body against the combined forces of gravity, trees and massive hill! We only saw one cyclist though and he was at a distance so no danger to us as walkers although I was wondering for a while if we would re-cross the path I was hoping to return to.

Marring the experience a little was the volume of rubbish we saw littered around. If you can take something up with you, surely it isn’t too hard to take it down again? More positively though, I spotted what I am sure was a linnet. Boo for careless humans but hurrah for wild birds!

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