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Garden Meadow

I’m excited to post today’s piece for the 30x30directwatercolor project:

Garden Meadow
Garden Meadow

I think this is my best painting so far this month, demonstrating a range of techniques and with some good balances of colour and level of detail. If I visited an exhibition of all of my pieces so far and they were by someone else, I think this is the one I would choose to linger in front of. Well, perhaps the self portrait, because that would be plain spooky if someone else had painted it but you know what I mean!

Best of all, the location is close to hand, in the back garden. We mowed the grass this weekend but left some patches of longer grass and wildflowers. Those bits have lots of visual interest and also preserve a habit which is supporting bees and other creatures while the mown areas demonstrate that the garden is looked after rather than being left to go to wrack and ruin.

That red patch? In reality, it is a bare patch that is more of a neutral brown grey but, although it was more to do with what was on my palette than careful calculation, it makes a vivid foil to the green (as the complementary colour – note the satisfying neutral tones created where the two blend) and, as a large patch, to the small yellow flowers (masked with fragments of masking tape which I peeled off before finishing up).

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