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A Long Wait

I seem to be having a food writing week! Today’s theme is bread.

I made a loaf, drawing on a few concepts I have been learning about or refining recently. However, one of those wasn’t to shape the loaf, turn on the oven and then get distracted with a video editing task. Whoops! The over was certainly at temperature when I came down and realised!

What were the results on the bread? It was done in a silicon bread ‘tin’ and it was clear that the dough had risen and was beginning to fall back. Once cooked, the top expanded but you could see a differential between the top of the loaf (which puffed up again) and that which was protected inside the silicon (I still have some questions about whether metal tins might not be a better choice).

The result is quite hard to slice but taste is excellent and texture is also good, although quite different between top and bottom. The best bit is where the top caught a bit (well done, hot oven) and you get the intense flavour of well-browned toast but balanced with the rest of the loaf and acting as a kind of seasoning to it.

Could have been better but, you know what, I’m still very pleased with it.

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