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Galaxy in a Bowl

Having mainly been writing about the watercolour paintings I did during June means there are loads of other things I’ve not mentioned – such as the ongoing videos I have continued to produce for church. Although I finished doing a worship video for each weekday after the first week of June, I’m still putting out three of those a week as well as cutting together the Sunday morning main service and Wednesday morning toddlers’ church sessions and that means I’m getting a lot of practise and continuing to learn.

Looking back over June, I think this was one of my favourites:

This was produced with the toddlers in mind. I had a bluegrass / uptempo country feel in mind although it came out on a path heading towards rockabilly. The singing could have been better but I’m producing these on quite a limited time budget. The instrumental side (“acoustic guitar” and “banjo” both from my Variax, six string bass and a Logic drummer) was fun though and what I was particularly pleased with was the video.

Firstly, I created and animated couple of simple shapes within HitFilm Express, which feels like a useful building block for the future. Secondly, I was delighted with how the background came out. Trade secret: it isn’t a real galaxy but a picture I took of an unwashed cereal bowl a while ago. However, I figured out how to centre the rotation on the main splodge and the result is pleasingly cosmic.

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