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Yeast Demo - After
Yeast Demo

I understand that yeast was once called ‘God-is-goode’. You can see the transformation it produces in the photo above. Both glasses started with a mix of flour and water (about 25g to 60g) but the one on the right also had 3g of yeast. A couple of hours later, the plain mixture had to begun to separate under the power of gravity but the leavened one had not only remained mixed but tripled in size.

The reason I took the photo was because I thought I was due to preach on Sunday week on several parables including the parable of the yeast. Fortunately, I double checked and realised that I’m down to do the one about the wheat and tares (both are in Matthew 13 and, due to the explanation of the wheat and tares being delayed, they weave through each other).

So, I won’t need this photo to illustrate my talk although I won’t be surprised to end up using it when my friend Bryan picks up where I originally thought I was due to be the following week.

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