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Halva Spread

I came across a fascinating video last week, about how to make tahini – essentially just lightly toasted sesame seeds made into a paste with a small amount of additional oil. See the full details here:

Homemade Tahini

Note the subtitle: “… and the miracles you can do with it”. One of the recipes was to mix tahini with a bit of cocoa powder and then sweeten with honey to taste. Maybe not a miracle but a delicious way to make a chocolate spread. It reminds me of halva and, doing a bit of research on that confection, that isn’t surprising. You could also make a delicious spread with just tahini and honey and I’m sure that would taste even more like a spreadable halva.

Delicious… but I think, for the sake of avoiding unwanted expansion, I will make it as I need it rather than knocking up a large jar full. I have a feeling it wouldn’t keep and that would be nothing to do with it going off!

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