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Round Robin

Our treat for yesterday morning’s perambulation was meeting a friendly little baby robin. We we walking through Burleigh Woods, on the far side of the University campus, and I spotted a rather round looking bird. Grabbing the binoculars, I quickly identified it as a young robin and it really did look almost spherical. Most birds fly away (normally just before you get the binoculars focused on them) but this one came a bit closer and hung around for a while, even as we moved away – at one point, it was almost close enough that I could have reached out and touched it, although that probably would have caused it to move.

No photos, but it did put me in mind some videos I had seen recently on YouTube. They had been shared on Facebook as a ‘coming out of lockdown’ meme but this one has a release date of November 2019 and others go back much further, so just enjoy them for what they are:

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