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Let’s move on from food to, erm, drink. In the past, I’ve experimented with mixing sherry with vermouth and had good results. I ought to note that I’ve typically got pretty cheap examples of both – they keep well and they are handy for cooking so I’m not typically drinking them for pleasure on their own. I don’t have any vermouth in at the moment but I do have some gin and you can probably see where I’m going.

On its own, the “sherry inspired” drink I have in, is sweet but rather one dimensional. A dash of vermouth makes it a little stronger but a lot more interesting and, it turns out the same is true with gin. In either case, the mixture is still relatively lightweight but the flavour becomes much more complex.

Online, I did find a few references to gin and sherry cocktails but they typically ask for “proper” sherries like Fino (which is great as a drink on its own). Therefore, I’ll take the liberty of naming this concoction as SG, partly because of the initials of the ingredients and partly in honour of one of Gibson’s iconic guitar.

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