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Cultivating Records

This afternoon, Jane and I managed to spend a bit of time cultivating the new garden. We’ve sat out there a bit, loaded in our collection of plants in pots and even enjoyed a few meals by the canal-side, chatting to people passing on the tow path and by boat, but this is the first time we’ve rolled up our sleeves and got our hands dirty in the process of making it our garden.

We’ve turned over the compost, weed one of the raised beds, dug in some compost and manure and planted out some tomatoes and kale that we started in pots in about April. What I need to do now is figure out how I’m going to keep records of all we’ve done.

For the best part of the present millennium, I was using the MyFolia website but, sadly, it closed down last year. In the interim, I’ve used a spreadsheet to keep track of data and, in a cavalier move, entirely ignored the time we were in a rented house. I’ll never know how many kilograms of peas we harvested although it has actually been the first year I can remember feeling that our pea harvest has been abundant enough to edge towards being a glut.

For now, I’ll probably keep dropping the data into a spreadsheet but I think there might be a database somewhere in the near future so I can answer questions like ‘when can we expect this plant to be ready’ and ‘did we harvest enough to make it worthwhile growing’?

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