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The new house means that I’m using a different wardrobe and I’m having to work out a new system of what goes where. A particular challenge is t-shirts, of which I seem to have rather a lot. I used to have a large drawer, where I kept them neatly folded and rotated through my collection (probably extending their longevity); now I’ve ended up with a basket, which hasn’t got much more than a quarter of the storage volume.

Yesterday, I had two brainwaves which seem to have got the situation under control. Firstly, I remembered seeing storage guru Marie Kondo folding t-shirts to a smaller size than my previous technique achieved:

Folding a t-shirt

That made a big difference but I still couldn’t fit them all in. However, later in the day, the grey cells started fizzing again and I realised that I was wasting a lot of headroom in the basket – so much so that I’d fitted the remaining t-shirts on top, folded in my old, flatter pattern.

I’ve now gone back and stood all the t-shirts on end and the basket seems optimally full. I will have to redo a few of the wider ones at some point, which are touching the base of the basket above, but, if this new system works well for rotating through the collection, I think I’ve solved the storage problem.

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