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Mor(s)e Endeavour

I spotted a new series (#7) of Endeavour on ITV a few days ago so Jane and I have caught up with that this week. As with all the Endeavour episodes I have watched, it was well done.

I had a few niggles, such as the extraordinary body count compared to real life crime statistics in Oxford, even though the series spanned the course of a year. I was also struggling to figure out how it dovetailed into the previous series I saw. Unless I missed one (entirely possible), that saw the lead characters taking up arms and standing like a band of heroes to bring in a gang of villains. Without too many spoilers, there seems more tension in this new batch of three (interlinked) episodes than you might expect from such a band of brothers.

The other thing I’m wondering is if there is a planned arc to move the character towards John Thaw’s depiction of an older Morse. There were some points when I wondered if they were deliberately cultivating some of his less endearing characteristics and his knack of finding success by clinging doggedly and even arrogantly to a complex but far-fetched and ultimately wrong-headed theory? Or perhaps they will see if they run out of steam and, if not, soldier on and remake at least the stories from the original Colin Dexter books.

I’ll be watching out for season #8, apparently due sometime next year.

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