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For some time now (read ‘months’) I’ve been pondering getting a Worx Hydroshot. It is billed as a ‘high pressure cleaner’ and falls a long way short of the power generated by a proper pressure washer. However it is a lot more portable. It runs off the Worx battery platform (the Worx drill and impact driver I picked up a few years ago have been excellent tools) and doesn’t need to be attached to a mains water supply either (says the man with a canal at the end of his garden….).

In the end, I decided to go for it and the unit arrived this afternoon – on one of the wettest days this summer! Later on, when it had stopped raining, I gave it a quick test and it meets my expectation. It cleans the paving slabs much better than a hose although doesn’t look to leave them pristine (if it is dry tomorrow, it will be interesting to see how the ones I did looked then). It is also going to be a boon for tasks like gutter cleaning.

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