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Curtains Up

As autumn draws on and the temperature cools, I have to confess that we did give our heating a short test run this morning. However, we should be able to stave off using it regularly for a while yet and one of the things that will help us achieve that is drawing the curtains. We have curtains or reasonably heavy blinds up in most of the rooms but the french doors at the back just have pretty but fairly light-weight vertical blinds. Therefore, my DIY task this afternoon was to put up a curtain pole to take the heavy velvet curtains Jane had readied (the same ones we had in Oxford and, indeed, back in our London days).

I thought the outer wall would be solid but it turns out that this, too, is lined with plasterboard. Fortunately, I now have some plugs designed for the purpose (these Diall ones) so I got to put them to use. You drill a 10mm hole, insert the plug and then, as you insert and turn the long screw, it catches at the far end and draws the arms back, widening them to give a secure fit. Between all the plugs gripping the wall, they feel like they should do the trick.

As is often the case, the last brace proved the hardest to fit. We’d got the curtain rod level but it turned out that the wall was perhaps not quite as flat as we’d assumed. I wonder if we should have done both ends first rather than starting in the middle? My solution was to create a space behind the final brace using some old lolly sticks glued together. It worked but I think it increased effective thickness of the board to the point where it was harder to engage the plug mechanism although I got there eventually.

Anyway, job done and I’m pretty confident the curtains will still be up tomorrow morning.

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