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Floating Platform

I’m making progress on my patio relaying although my comments last weekend that I wanted to get it finished “early this week” were wildly optimistic. Perhaps if I’d hired a concrete mixer? Nevertheless, I am making steady progress and I’ve now almost completed the platform that will be needed for the shed.

Both of the next tasks will require me to fire up the angle grinder I’ve borrowed from a friend. One part is to work on the edges by the wall that retains the raised section the patio sits on and the fence. I’ve replaced the 3′ x 2′ slabs that were part of the former base (going to a friend who needs to make a secure spot for storing his motorbike) and, now that I’ve got 40cm squares all the way across, I need to do some straight cuts to get the edges right. I think I am going to leave a deliberate channel around all those sides to help with drainage, too, and there is some plum slate I can use to fill in as has been done in other spots.

The other part is tying the new section into the existing patio. I’ve got part way with this but the spacings don’t quite match up – now I’m using those consistent slabs all the way across, it is clear that the spacing was a bit off and so I’m going to end up having to relay the whole lot. I will be making further use of drainage channels at more edges than the existing one round the edge of the house. One of the issues is that some pieces fitted tightly against walls and so a small change means more cutting is needed as well as relaying all the pieces leading to that wall.

For now though, I can bed those just on levelled and compacted sand. That will need redoing but, once the shed is in, Jane and I can decide if we want to use plain slabs for the rest or go for something more decorative. The first step though is to get the shed enabled, giving us more outside storage and some outside but sheltered working area and then we can proceed onto further steps in due course.

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