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A few weeks ago, our car started telling us it was ready for another service. With moving into our new house on the agenda, we ignored it for a long time but, now that is settling down, we decided it was time to act. It is too far to head to the previous place we were using so we had to find a new garage up here and I came across the whocanfixmycar.com website. From the quotes it returned, the reviews it provided and other reviews I looked up independently, I settled on KAM Servicing, at their branch a few miles away in Sawley, near Long Eaton.

As well as a very reasonable price for an MOT and full service, they threw in a free courtesy car so we could get back home while the work was being done. It was an Hyundai i10 (the model down from the i20 we used to own). We missed some of the features of our Skoda Fabia (like the big display showing exactly what speed we were doing – we had to readjust to reading from a dial) but it seemed a decent drive.

When we jumped in to head back though, it got a bit dicey. Rather than starting, we just got a click and nothing else – not even the sound of the starter struggling. Their first advice was to lock it, leave it and come back in a couple of minutes (to no avail). We then offered to try our AA membership (with home start and it is a “you, not the car” service to get back there). While Jane was setting that up, I gave one more try. Fail, fail and then, on my third and last go, it came to life.

I wonder if we weren’t engaging the clutch properly – it was much stiffer than we are used to? When we got in at the garage in the morning, it was already running. Anyway, we got safely back and they are going to give the car a good checkout before they send it out again.

Overall though, it was a good experience. We hope not to have the same non-starting experience again but I am inclined to go back to KAM next time we need some work done. Decent price, brilliant customer care and they had even given our car a free full valet clean – before all the excitement started (or didn’t) – and a good way to get the job done.

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