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More Sand

I’m starting to get quite familiar with where to find building materials — sand and concrete in particular — in the local B&Q store and was back there to get another batch of sand this afternoon to carry on with my patio laying.

What did surprise me when I priced it up a couple of weeks ago was that B&Q was actually marginally cheaper than Wickes for the particular supplies I needed, such as sharp sand and building sand, despite using exactly the same manufacturer (Tarmac). Possibly a builders merchant would be cheaper still (if I found one that traded to the DIY market) but the chain stores are convenient for buying small batches as I gradually figure out what I need.

I’ve now almost finished the bit I need for the shed and am just finishing off the edges. I also successfully cut a few slabs today by scoring with the angle grinder and tapping to split although this works better across the centre of a block than trying to clean off a jagged edge; the only one that cracked where I didn’t want it too was a previously broken piece that I was trying to take about an inch off to straighten it up.

I’m learning all the time although it would be fair to say that I expect to sleep well tonight!

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