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Night and Day

Recently, I mentioned that I’d picked up a ‘high pressure cleaner’ that gives a good squirt of water. Visiting my mum last week, she decided it would be better for her purposes (like cleaning the car, which I demonstrated) than the Karcher K2 she had. She will benefit from a portable device that is easy to set up and, meanwhile, I came back home with the aforesaid power washer in addition to the Worx Hydroshot that I’d taken down.

I think the Karcher kicks out water at about six times the pressure of the Worx – over 100 PSI compared to just over 20 PSI – although it does need to be plugged in and connected to a tap. It cut through the dirt build up on my patio so much faster than the Worx did. Then I looked up and realised what a grand job it had done redistributing all the muck up the patio doors and over me!

The Worx came out then and was very helpful in cleaning up! The Karcher will get things done that the Worx can’t and do others much faster but I’m glad to still have both. Time will tell but I think the lighter, less powerful, more controllable Worx unit is still going to get more frequent use.

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