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‘Nother Nokia

They don’t build things to last these days. Just over a week ago, I spotted that my mobile phone was failing to charge up. I normally plug it in overnight and, on the first day, I thought I’d just forgotten to do so. However, when it had dropped further the next day, I realised I needed to do something about it.

A possible problem was dust build up round the charging socket but, after evaluating and trying a solution found online (cutting a tool out of some plastic packaging and using this very thin object to clear out any dust build up), I established there wasn’t much dust in there and it hadn’t solved the problem. The chances are that, after daily charging for a couple of years, I’d yanked the cable a few too many times and the soldering had come loose inside. It was a refurbished model when I got it and I needed a phone for last week’s journey down to Devon so I decided to get a new phone and, after some quick research, settled on another Nokia.

I had a Nokia 6.1 but decided to change to a Nokia 5.3, ordered it online and picked it up the next day. The transition was pretty smooth – the only thing that didn’t come across was all my WhatsApp messages because I hadn’t been backing them up (now turned on because, although I treat the messages as pretty ephemeral, sometimes it is useful to be able to refer back). Not much else to report – it’s a smartphone and I stuck with Nokia this time round because the vanilla nature of the Android installation appeals to me.

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