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Plant Data and SQLite3

Following yesterday’s post, I’ve now started building my sqlite3 database (now with the working title of florafolio) and importing my data. Since I had source data in various spreadsheets and spreadsheet friendly formats (Google Sheets and CSV respectively), I decided to build the data insertion queries using spreadsheet functions to generate a series of INSERT commands.

My present state of play is that I’ve now got records for all the plants in my collection when the Folia website closed down as well as a few more I’ve added since. I have also inserted all the data I had about harvests and can now run queries to do things like report on total harvest weights by year (for example, over 12kg of various tomatoes last year and already 3kg of apples this year).

What is the next step? Feeding across other things I have recorded – further plants, and various things potted up or propagated. Then, once all the spreadsheet data is in the database, I can begin working out what else I want to capture, how do make the input and reporting easier, archiving plants I no longer have, adding a bunch of plants from the new garden and more. So, a fair way to go yet.

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