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Recording My Week

Back in March, I launched into recording a lot of music. Right at the beginning of lockdown, I was intending to produce two live worship sessions a day, which swiftly became two songs a day, then one video a day, not all of them song based – in other words starting high but coasting down to a more sustainable level of output. However, the process of moving house was very disruptive to the creative process. Since July, I’ve still been turning out over half an hour of video material each week but new songs have been gratefully received from others and I have been doing some recycling of earlier productions of my own.

Therefore, this week I’ve been delighted to record two songs from scratch – one was in today’s Toddlers’ Church service and one will debut on Sunday morning (standalone videos will come up on the church’s worship playlist).

For the Toddlers’, the traditional song He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands had been requested. I did that build around a main take with vocals and resonator guitar (in drop D tuning, for the record) and added a couple of lines of harmony. Pretty quick and easy to do but it turned out okay.

For Sunday, the talk is on the parable about labourers in the vineyard (Matthew 20:1-16), which brought my mind to a line in the contemporary worship song Days of Elijah. I practised it a bit but started my recording by mapping out the structure I wanted and using Logic’s drummer tool to give me a beat to work to. I layered up ‘acoustic guitar’ (actually one of the models on my Variax), vocals (lead and two backing parts) and bass. The reason I wanted this one to fit to a tight recording grid though was that, inspired by a line in the chorus, I also wanted to add a trumpet.

I used a software trumpet, playing in via a midi keyboard and then adjusting. I am looking forward to getting feedback from our real trumpeter about whether it sounds like a feasible part.

Anyway, the news is that Studio Wulf is back in production for music!

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