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I am so grateful for the years when I took lots of photos and carefully filed them all away. Over the last six months, producing multiple videos each week, I’ve had cause to dig into the back catalogue many times. So far, I’ve managed to come up with what I need although certain images have featured more than once.

In particular, my range of non-representational photos (close ups, deliberate use of blur and bokeh, etc) have been a boon. You can use those multiple times and disguise the repeats by tricks like moving them around on the screen in different ways or overlaying colours or other images to create unique results.

It does prompt me though that I need to get on and take more photos. I’ve slacked off in recent years, not least because I still have a backlog of photos to deal with (now stretching back more than three years!). Some of the pending ones would be good to move into the ‘available’ category and I am getting an idea of more types of images that would be useful – more bokeh would be good and also some more textures and scenes from the local area.

You never know – if I try hard enough, I might even manage to wear my trusty but basic Nikon D40 out and have an excuse to upgrade!

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