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Beer today

Beer today isn’t strictly true but I did get my packet of yeast sachets through the post from Crossmyloof. Details on the invoice show that they are, indeed, based in Glasgow. My original guess was that the name had something to do with Belgian beer (it sounds like it could be a brew from that country) but Wikipedia suggests either a derivation from Crois Mo Liubha (Gaelic for St Malieu’s cross) or a local tradition that Mary, Queen of Scots, was offered foreknowledge of her fate if she crossed the hand of a fortune teller with silver while passing through. The latter sounds more reasonable although I’m still just guessing.

As well as turning round the order quickly, I was impressed to get a personal email shortly after making it and another when I confirmed receipt. In this age of multinational companies, there is a lot to be said in favour of small and friendly businesses.

No beer today but there will be a brew day in the very near future.

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