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Brewing Again (Soon)

About a year ago, I was sticking the labels to a batch of homebrew beer that I christened Autumn Tinge and then packed my brewing kit safely away. I’ve finally figured out how I can set things up in the new place so took a look at my ingredients and found out that I was out of yeast. I thought I still had at least one pack but it wasn’t to be found.

Back in the day, I would have turned to Stonehelm Homebrew, based just south of Oxford, where I could pop down to pick up my order a day or so later. That’s too far away now (although they do offer a mail order service) so I decided to see what other options there are. I came across Crossmyloof Brew. I don’t know if it is based in the area of Glasgow with the same name but they offer an intriguing range of yeasts and other supplies and their prices are very good.

Worth a punt, so I’ve ordered three different varieties of yeast and some more Irish Moss too (which helps clarify the brew). I picked “Midland” and “Four”, which I suspect are similar to Nottingham and Safale S-04, the two dried yeasts I have used most often to date. I also got a pack of “BeĆ²ir”, which is described as a yeast for Scottish and Irish brews.

Expect a return to homebrew content soon.

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