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To finish off the section of patio which our new shed is going to go on, I’ve decided not to take the slabs right up to the edges but leave a narrow channel filled with slate chips. Visually, this matches other parts of the area round the house and, practically, it ensures good drainage rather than risking creating areas where puddles might sit. However, while the house did come with a bag and a half of spare slate, that wasn’t quite enough to finish the job.

I had a look at local stores like B&Q and Wickes via their online sites but then I thought to check budget emporium The Range, which has a branch closer than either of the other two. Sure enough, it offers slate and it seems to be a fair amount cheaper. It is hard to compare as there doesn’t seem any standard weight or volume specification but most of these type of things seem to come in similar bags and, on that grounds, The Range offers a bargain.

I popped over this afternoon and the local branch did have the ‘plum’ slate I was after in stock. As far as I can see, it looks perfectly slatey. Of course, I may find a lot more small and crushed bits inside but I think it will certainly be sufficient for the job I have in mind. I’m looking forward to the rain easing off so I can get out and give it a try.

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