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More Tiers

Listening to the Six o’clock News on Radio 4 yesterday, I caught mention of my local area – Charnwood – moving up to tier 2 of the Government’s COVID-19 response levels. At least it was only tier 2 – some rumours I’d heard recently were that we’d jump straight to tier 3.

I popped down to town this afternoon to return some library books and pick up a few more. To be honest, I’m not entirely surprised we’ve gone up – there were more people than I expected, including quite a few not wearing masks and appearing to be clustering in what may not have been official social bubbles. The spacious library seemed comparatively safe but they haven’t heard yet how the change will affect them.

For myself, I’ll continue to keep my head down as much as possible and I wouldn’t be opposed to a more general national lockdown. The potential devastation of numbers that still appear to be multiplying surely outweighs the economic benefit of trying to keep as much of the economy running as hot as possible? If we could learn more about solidarity and supporting others at cost to ourselves, surely that would be a more powerful long-term benefit?

At very least, I expect there will be more tiers before we are done.

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