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All Hallows

Next week, our church hosts its annual bereavement service on Sunday afternoon, as do many other churches on All Saints – or All Hallows – Day. It aims to provide a place of comfort and support for those who have lost loved ones during the past year. We are holding a service at the church but, recognising that some of those who might otherwise attend will want or need to stay at home because of COVID-19, I offered to provide a video that will be shown in the service and also go online.

This isn’t that video (which isn’t yet cut together) but it is an original piece of music composed as a sound track for it. Partly this is a pragmatic solution to how to get a piece of music that doesn’t raise issues of copyright but it has also been an opportunity to exercise my composing muscles and enjoy a burst of musical creativity.

The piece is an arrangement for an imaginary string quartet – in this instance, voiced for first and second violins, cello and double bass. All the parts have been created using Logic Pro. I think I could probably manage to perform the bass part on my double bass; it grounds the piece but isn’t overly ambitious on range or articulation. However, I’m certainly not going to get the rest of the quartet ready in time! I don’t think it is quite authentic enough to fool any string players who might hear it but the timbres are listenable in themselves and allow it to serve its purpose.

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