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YouTube Musicians – David Bruce

David Bruce isn’t a bassist or guitarist but, as his YouTube channel title reminds us, a composer. He covers all sorts of theory foibles and musical esoterica but with a gentle humility and the sum of all those parts is eminently watchable. For his composing chops, you might take something like his recent composition Swanning Around, and the video for that, directed and edited by him, provides an insight into his quirky approach to things. Perhaps I ought to give him the YouTuber who most reminds me of my time playing with The String Project award?

He is very versed in classical music, including many of its modern and avant-garde branches. However, he covers an eclectic range of musical subjects. As someone who grew up as a heavy metal fan, I particularly enjoyed this recent video where he co-ordinated several serious classical musicians and composers in writing short pieces for metal ensembles:

David Bruce, Composer

Rock on!

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