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A Round Plan

This afternoon’s achievement has been creating a leaf mould enclosure. We had a role of chicken wire and various other bits and pieces lying around. The first step was measuring what length we needed. I thought I might work it out with pi (the circumference of a circle = 2πr, where r is the radius and π is approximately 3.14159) but, in the end, it was easier to use a bit of blue plastic pipe. It was already in a loop so I closed it down to the size I needed and then we rolled that out to set the length.

The cut ends of the chicken wire were long enough to curl round and join up into a cylinder and then I cut the end of a piece of wood to form a stake and drove it into the ground to secure the cage to.

Finally, we dropped in some leaves. Next door’s magnolia tree had given the end of our garden a generous carpet and we also popped to the churchyard to gather some more. We have a bit more capacity, so we’ll aim to fill it up further in the next couple of weeks as it will compress down as it decomposes and, if all goes to plan, we’ll have an excellent material for mulching by next spring.

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