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Circles and Conclusion

I made an order the other day, most of which arrived. Separately dispatched was a set of guitar strings which allegedly were delivered on Saturday. I was in all day but there was no sign of them. Having given an extra working day for them to arrive yesterday, I followed it up this morning.

So, Amazon says go to the carrier (Royal Mail). Royal Mail says ask the sender (Amazon). Hmmmnnn… I can see that going round and round. Fortunately I spotted the customer services link on Amazon and took my chances with the chatbot.

In truth, it turned out to be quite straightforward. As the strings are relatively low value, I just had to respond to a few prompts and a replacement set is now on the way. Job done, hopefully, although I’d rather have had a less circular start. At least delivery issues with online orders have been so rare recently that it feels like something to blog about.

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