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Fair’s fair…

I am normally pretty critical of Prime Minister Boris Johnson and his cabinet for their handling of COVID-19 and a host of other things. While I haven’t switched colours overnight, it is only fair though that I take a moment to note when I see something I consider laudable.

In this case, it is the reports that Johnson “plays the role of pessimist amid vaccine hope“. Johnson’s approach in the past has often been one of bullish bluster and optimism that floats unanchored from clodden facts. I appreciate that, with news of a significant development around a new vaccine for the disease, he has taken the stance of reminding the nation that we can’t let our guard down just yet.

Based on a suggested priority chart reported on the front page of The Telegraph, I’m of course in that small segment of the population which is young enough and healthy enough to be at the far end of the list while then being old enough to be in the highest risk segment of those remaining. Perhaps it is inevitable that I’m leaning against the optimism of many reports?

Anyway, here is my salute to what I’d consider a moment of responsible governance and I would be very happy to see more of them.

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