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Bulgogi Beef
Bulgogi Beef

Leftovers for breakfast again and then, for our final “Korean holiday” meal, we had bulgogi beef and various trimmings. The bulgogi sauce – a kind of BBQ mix – came in a packet, which I added to a pack of stir fry beef along with some finely sliced red chilli. I chopped an onion into fairly large chunks and softened them in a pan with some oil before adding the beef mix and, later on, a handful of samphire (possibly not very Korean but it could stand in for some kind of seaweed and the saltiness is also a good seasoning).

You can see that served up with pak choi and dressed with spring onions and sesame seeds. In the foreground, you can see kimchi and red chilli paste (the latter loosened with some dumpling dipping sauce). At the back, there is a bowl of soup – chicken stock, sliced peppers and carrots and rice vermicelli. That also has some extra seasoning – more red chilli paste and some soy sauce.

Is it authentically Korean? No idea although it is definitely Korea-inspired. It was tasty though. If you like food photos, you can see some more from this weekend on my Flickr account.

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