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French Cleats

My labours in the shed have started. The first task is implementing a system known as ‘french cleats’. A long board is cut along its length with the cut running at 45° down from the front to the back. The top piece can be fastened to the back of anything as simple as a plate of wood to as complex as a fully assembled cabinet and simply hung in place. Gravity performs its magic and (if all goes to plan) the hanging item is securely held in place by the interaction of various forces.

It was a slower process than I was hoping, with lots of messing around to work out how to secure the board I was cutting before unleashing the power of the circular saw. It got easier after the first one, when I could use its back to rest the next one on. The saw blade is set so that it only just goes through the work piece so it is a relatively small scar on the back, which will be screwed to the studs of the wall in any case.

All things being equal, I’ll get them up in place tomorrow and then I can start hanging tools and storage containers on the wall and make maximum use of the vertical space.

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