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I Love Being Wrong

I love being wrong, certainly when my prediction was unduly pessimistic. Last week I suggested to the staff team at church that I could try hosting an online prayer meeting during lockdown, in the Wednesday evening slot that we wouldn’t be needing for the worship team rehearsal. It was offered in earnest but I have to confess that I was expecting a somewhat quiet hour.

Far from it! I was joined by a good number of others from the church – more than would have fitted in my front room back in the ‘good ole’ days before COVID-19 made us consider taking such things online – and we jumped straight in following the precepts I’d laid out when I emailed a notice round the church prayer list: minimal time to socialise at the start and just praying rather than taking time to talk about what to pray for.

That sounds like a fairly hardline approach but I didn’t seem the point in paddling at the shallow end. We get opportunities to that and we have online catch-ups after services that are all about socialising and occasionally sharing something to be prayed about later. There’s nothing inherently wrong with that but sometimes you want to push harder.

Perhaps I’ll get my quiet night next week but I won’t be counting on it!

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